March 4: manifestation / casserole populaire !

1978585_201266770082314_1169705372_oArrêtons les coupures ! / Stop the Cuts !
Ensemble contre l’austérité / Together Against Austerity 
Marois, Harper, même combat 

Tuesday March 4
métro Mont-Royal

bring banners, placards + noise makers !

Join us for a collective action against austerity on the streets of Montreal, taking place within the context of a growing popular mobilization against the hyper capitalist austerity agenda in both Québec and Canada. An action taking place within the lead up to the major ASSÉ action on April 3, 2014 (

Five years after the most recent global economic crisis, its effects are felt everywhere. Among the rich and the investor class, the crisis is a constant struggle to maintain profits. For everyone else, the crisis is an ongoing attack by the rich and investor class on their security and dignity. While profits soar for the rich we still continue to pay for their crisis.

5 years later we continue to bear the brunt of their crisis through Austerity unprecedented cuts at all levels in order to balance the sheets of the rich and create a profitable “business climate” by ensuring that we continue to subsidize the rich.

While at the same time Austerity and cuts are taking place from the Harper’s Conservatives have taken the lead with privatization initiatives, layoffs of almost 20,000 public sector workers, reducing Employment Insurance, changing the Old Age Security program to start at age 67, cutting arts funding, and paving the way for the reckless expansion of oil extraction. The announcement of the end of mail delivery in urban areas heralds a push for the privatization of Canada Post.

In Québec, the Parti Québécois (PQ) has cut social wages and plans to increase Hydro Québec fees by 22.2 % by 2018. And yet, Hydro-Québec anticipates profits of more than $3 billion in 2013 alone. Agnès Maltais, Ministre de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale, has announced cuts to welfare payments to people aged 55 to 57 and families with one or more children. This, at a time when 10% of children in Québec are raised in families that depend on social assistance.

Let us stand together to say we will not pay for their crisis, and we will refuse their austerity and cuts.