April 17: Demonstration: Together Against Austerity


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Couillard, Marois, Harper, même combat!

Jeudi 17 avril – 18h00
Rendez-vous au Carré St-Louis (métro Sherbrooke)

Organized by:
Comité d’action solidaire contre l’austérité – CASA

Whoever wins the elections of April 7, the popular fight against austerity needs to take place on the streets. Join us for a demonstration on April 17 to make sure that our collective rejection of neoliberal austerity economics cannot be ignored.

The extreme austerity politics of the Parti Libéral du Québec (PLQ) remain a serious threat. And any hopes that the Parti Québécois (PQ) would not pursue austerity attacks of their own have been

buried by almost two years of Marois government rule. The recruitment to the PQ of the billionaire media magnate Pierre Karl Péladeau has made it clearer than ever that the PQ is a party of the bosses, a party of austerity politics, and an enemy of working people and the poor.

The Marois government has already moved to impose fee hikes for public services, from daycare to hydro. It has cut social assistance payments to workers while maintaining an insulting minimum wage. As always, these austerity attacks disproportionally affect women and immigrant workers, who are pushed towards precarious employment–this structural sexism and racism is every bit as vicious as the “charte xénophobe.” The need to build a feminist, anti-racist response to these attacks is urgent.

Attacks from the Harper government, meanwhile, are also unrelenting: the assault on Canada Post, on unemployment insurance, on workers’ pensions. We can simply not tolerate this federal government’s vision of an austerity economy built on the backs of the women and the poor, fueled by polluting oil, and exploiting stolen indigenous resources.

Let’s make this April 17 not only the first anti-austerity demonstration in Montréal after the elections, but also an occasion to strengthen our long-term commitment to this fight.

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Comité d’action solidaire contre l’austerité – CASA